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(2016-09-17, 22:51)HereIsTom Wrote:
(2016-09-17, 18:21)Babylonia Wrote: That's why a Bluetooth connection is important for me. To pair with a bluetooth keyboard + mouse, I do already have.
(Use it often with my tablet. A small only 4 mm thick keyboard with Lithium ion-battery, including illuminated keys).
I'm a very happy user of the HiMedia Q5/Q10 Pro and Bluetooth is working good with keyboard/mouse.
It's a good player that play all my content perfect!
The HiMedia players are the best Kodi players of this moment!
So you are saying all HiMedia players are better than every other Kodi media player posted in this Hardware section of the forum ?
Absolute Rubbish. You have NO perspective, or there is something being lost in translation when posting in English.

Quote:- (Q10) Major Limitations - microstutters when playing 23.976fps 1080p Frame Packed 3D video content.
- No DRM 1080p HD video streaming possible from the likes of Netflix, HBO etc.
- Imprex PQ processing engine annoys video purists as it cannot be fully Turned OFF. Others love it.
- Disappointingly for the price paid for the Q10, the remote is a regular PITA Infra Red D-PAD Air Mouse. A RF Wireless one will need to be purchased separately for proper Android Apps control.

And then for 1080p 3D Kodi movie players even @hdmkv awards various Intel HTPC's this:
Quote:#1 / Intel HTPC's or NUC's with Kodi MVC Test Builds / A
+ Simply gorgeous 3D PQ! Very detailed, amazing depth, spot-on saturation, and just crystal clear!
+ Support for both MVC MKV's and 3D ISO's
+ Integrated 3D MVC and HD audio playback via Kodi! No external player
+ Perfect 23.976 and other framerates

Ha Ha, As I've said before, if you keep using the words like "perfect" and "the best" you are going to get pulled up and hassled each and every time, especially in this thread !
It's obvious you are a passionate HiMedia Fanboy, and thats fine. Wink
All you have to do in future is preface the sentence with "In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) the HiMedia....."


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