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(2016-09-21, 18:20)elche99 Wrote: I've read lot of post and given my budget and my needs i've landed on WETEK.
In this moment i'm a little bit confused if it is better
Wetek Play 2
Wetek Core
Core is more expensive than Play 2 despite it have no DVB (T or S2) : it means that Core is more powerfull for my needs that are mainly based on running KODI plus some IPTV/Youtube ?
In addition what i've understood from reviews it seems also that the remote of Core should be a lot better than Play2 one...
Thanks in advance!
It really depends what video content you want to decode and what particular Apps get most use.

If just using Kodi or WeTek (Jarvis) Media Player and the included Android TV OS version of YouTube that comes with both boxes, you don't even have to use an Air Mouse remote, so it ceases to be an issue. Same with the remote control of Android TV OS Apps found HERE that work on all 3 S812/S905 WeTek platforms.

The Play2's remote is IR only with a lot more buttons for ultimate Kodi control an remap-ability and works well. But if you need to use the Air Mouse function its a right royal PITA. The Air Mouse is Slow and pretty much unusable for regular Android Apps control.

Which is where the Core's RF Wireless is superior. Fast accurate and responsive but with less buttons. More of a Minimal remote, I do like it tho Smile

On ALL regular Android Lollipop 5.1.1 boxes such as these to get full control of regular Android (non Android TV) Apps a Wireless Air Mouse, or alternative really is needed. A RF MINIX NEO A2 Lite - Air Mouse / Mini Keyboard combo remote works well on the Play2. From all reports its better again than the Core's remote, due to the extra buttons and Keyboard Functionality.

Both boxes after decoding video content, output video with 8bit color depth, in the YCbCr colorspace. Which actually looks pretty decent.
The Play2 is more future proofed due to supporting up to 10bit 4K HEVC decoding and HDMI 2.0. LibreELEC also has better Audio support on the Play2.

The 8(Octa) Core GPU is actually more powerful on the AMLogic S812 WeTek Core compared to the 5(Penta) Core GPU in the AML S905 Hub/Play2. That really is only important if playing demanding games tho.


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