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(2016-09-22, 16:20)archercj Wrote: Great thread this and a very informative forum - but I have more questions than answers lol

I am looking at getting rid of my Vu+ Uno Satellite box in favour of a Kodi/IPTV box.

I have Kodi installed on a Sony Android TV and like it expect it won't passthru anything but 2.0 sound (I've posted this in another thread)

So I am looking to spend as little as possible (I am married to a very non understaning wife who is still p***ed off with me spending £1.5k on some 5.1 speakers a few months ago lol)

I reckon my requirements are:

Decent boot up and operational speed
Good LibreElec support (rather than android unless someone wants to persuade me otherwise)
at least 1080p (and maybe 4k) support via HDMI
and most importantly full 5.1 output

Oh and I only want to budget around £60 (sorry!!!)
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