START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)

If you want 1080p Netflix with 5.1 Audio then its boxes running the official Android TV OS or Amazon devices.
These devices also run Remote control friendly big screen TV, user and Android Apps interfaces.

If you want 25/50fps deinterlacing to work properly then you need Intel or AMLogic (S8xx/S9xx) boxes.
I do not recommend the nVIDIA Shield or Amazon devices for EURO/AUS/NZ 25/50fps TV viewing. 25/50fps deinterlacing for TV viewing is broken on the Shield at the moment.

What I would do:
- Use the RPi you have there to setup a backend TvHeadend Server. (Easy Guides available here on forum)
- In Australia all you then need is a 2nd hand - DVB-T PS3 PlayTV Dual Tuner (Ebay), plug that into the RPi and connect to a home Ethernet Network.
- A self powered 3.5" Hard drive will then need to be connected to the RPi as well to record TV if you want to do that.

- You could also use one of those NUC's as a TvHeadend Server.

BUT then you have this problem of wanting to run unstable Kodi Krypton builds on everything. That is not recommended for a Day to Day use Kodi device, especially with Android boxes.

Really the only Android DRM and 1080p Netflix approved devices about that can also deinterlace 25/50fps TV streams properly are the WeTek Core, Hub and Play2.
I use the remote control friendly Android TV OS Netflix App on the Play2, even though Audio is 2.0. Deinterlacing also works properly for EURO/AUS/NZ TV viewing on these AMLogic S905 WeTek devices.

I suggest reading Post #1 of this very thread about Android TV OS vs regular Android Lollipop remote control interfaces and regular Android Apps - Air mice control. All the boxes that do not run the Android TV OS are really not that remote control friendly when using regular Android Apps, unless you sideload actual Android TV OS Apps. These really are the key to remote control, big screen TV user friendliness.


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