START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Thank you for the fast response wrxtasy,
I have read the #1 post few times already, also entered the link and read it, Also read the entire #Budget AML S905/S905X/S912 Media Player Options post
I guess what i dont understand is what does that mean "if it just a kodi box", I need it to watch TV and movies, I dont have any requirements I just want it to stream few TV channels and new movies/tv shows. I dont watch TV myself but its for my parents, Only thing i watch is Seahawks games and movies on weekends.[and youtube, it have to have youtube Tongue]
Again im not from the US and English is just my 4th language so maybe im missing something but i thought that this thread can actually point me to the best 75$ box, It actually just made it worse with conflicted comments and added a lot more devices to read about.
We pay 20% tax here if the product is over 75$ thats why i limit it at that amount.
The reason i started with Cheap, unsupported, buggy Android Kodi Boxes from China Is really because of the Tech, So here I am now asking for help to pick or recommend a box that will be fine.
I dont even mind getting the Raspberry Pi or ODROID C2 which you recommended on that post, if that will do the work and I can put Kodi on it for Tv channels movies and youtube. [I just noticed that Raspberry Pi is a bit weak in Tech, and would prefer to invest more $ to get something faster/smoother]


Edit : I looked at WeTek but both the core and play2 are out of stock

Edit2 : So i did a small research on xda forums and lots of people bought KM8, R-Box Pro, Mini M8S 2, Beelink GT1 and other Chinese cheap boxes and say they are actually impressed and pleased, this is so confusing....

Edit3: Ok maybe this question is better, which box under 75$ with LibreELEC support is recommended
I only found the 2 options of the Pi and C2, but maybe other options available? ?

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