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(2016-10-08, 21:10)Vitalero Wrote: Hi guys,
Just registered a few seconds ago, I was just about to place an order on a new box but after reading few posts here I really start to worry and have no idea what to buy
My budget is 75$ [not including shipping]
My top options were Beelink GT1 S912 or R-BOX Pro S912
I just found them to have the newest tech since the Rbox got 3GB ram, and both are with S912
I am clueless about Kodi and all but i am sure i will be able to set everything up myself without any issues [i now how to root devices and play with custome roms/kernels etc]
Can you please tell me what should i buy? Also where can i find the new Mi Box?
so the options are
1) Beelink GT1 S912 - 56$
2) R-BOX Pro S912 - 75$
3) NEXBOX A1 S912 - 72$
4) Xiaomi Mi Box 3rd Edition Amlogic S905 - 70$ [its the only one i found]
5) Beelink MINI MXIII II - 45$

Will help if in the recommendation can explain in simple words what exactly is bad/lacking/issue, since most of the specs on these devices is the same

Will be happy to receive a fast reply that way I will buy it today

Edit: Im not from the US so I cant buy from amazon, gonna order from gearbest or geekbuying unless someone can find a better site to shop in
Edit2: Go Seahawks! Smile

i bought Probox2 air. plays everything great, rooted, everything i've download in google play store works, live tv smooth, OTA works awesome, dualshock controller works wireless (i have Multiple sclerosis and Arthritis and only ps3 dualshock controller feels comfortable to use)

also some other boxes have screen brightness to high (i've only tried a couple minix boxes and ouya) so i have to lower brightness on tv a lot to compensate which sucks fo PQ.

Probox2 air has exact same brightness levels as my ps3 and oppo blu ray player so no need to re calibrate

anyway, i bought 4 for family and all work fine. my only requirement is root and compatible with dualshock controller because of medical condition. many boxes don't accommodate me

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