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(2016-10-09, 00:56)nickr Wrote: If wrxtasy says s912 should be avoided, I would accept his word. There are many s905 we'll supported boxes that work with LibreELEC.
It's not only me warning about AMLogic S912 boxes. There are now numerous users having issues with basic 5.1 AC3 / DTS Audio. This tells me the Firmware is not up to standard. Read hdmkv's review too.

Users can make up their own minds about what actual Audio and Video requirements they need out of a cheap AMLogic Android box. Some are quite happy with 60Hz only video playback and the resulting 3:2 pull down video judder and 2.0 PCM audio only. If that is all they need to be happy, I'm not going to argue.

But boxes that give black screens if a device refresh switches to say 23.976fps (29.97 / 59.94 as well) at the start of video playback and also cannot do basic 5.1 Audio passthrough are not recommended on these forums as a competent Kodi media player.

We have higher audio and video playback standards here on the Kodi forum than you will find elsewhere.

AMLogic S905 boxes running LibeELEC Kodi are far far better Kodi media players than using Android Kodi.
Why, well it's because the AML LibreELEC developers actually take care with the underlying Linux Kernel and drivers and patch Kodi extensively to maximize the AMLogic Hardware.
And the results you end up with are one the best Kodi media players going around where virtually everything just "works". If you get the right device.

I've already given a number of links to AMLogic and LibreELEC threads and Sub Forums. Uses need to follow those Links and ask actual end users what AMLogic LE devices work properly and are recommended. There are just too many to list.

My daily use LibreELEC S905 device the ODROID C2 is linked down below:


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