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(2016-10-13, 10:43)wrxtasy Wrote: @racer_

Requirements: HD-Audio, and I'm assuming 24bit/192kHz FLAC. 4K with a bit of Internet streaming - Is this HD Netflix you need ?

If you need ultimate FLAC Audio quality output - Android is ruled out, otherwise the nVIDIA Shield would be a very good choice.
See this Hi-Res Audio thread for Android Audio limitations info:

Normally you would go with the bullet proof ASUS Chromebox and LibreELEC, but no 4K and no 10bit HEVC Hardware decoding may be limiting for you. However comprehensive Audio support will be very good with LibreELEC on Intel. I'm unsure of the status of any new Intel Hardware with 4K and HDMI 2.0 with 10bit HEVC hardware decoding support.

Believe it or not, for 4K, HDMI 2.0 and quality Audio output, a AMLogic LibreELEC box with a S905 moves to the front of the queue.
Run LibreELEC on a S905 and the whole world opens up for HD Audio, FLAC, Multichannel PCM and up to 2160p 10bit HEVC video support.
You also get comprehensive HDMI-CEC control.
Beware no FLAC or HD Audio support on older AMLogic S8xx devices running OpenELEC / LibreELEC.
Bang for the buck these AML S905's are now clear winners.

If you want to get your hands nice and dirty with some DIY S905 box, head over to the LibreELEC forums, AMLogic section:

Dual boot Android and LibreELEC Jarvis on a S905 = WeTek Hub, Play2

Pure LibreELEC Kodi Jarvis, on the fastest (when tweaked) S905 box around = ODROID C2
Any spare IR remote can be reprogrammed to use with the C2 pretty easily using Lirc.

For serious Kodi use on these LibreELEC S905's, you should target ones with 2GB RAM and eMMC storage.

I personally use and develop LibreELEC for the Hub, Play2 and ODROID C2. My favourite Pure Kodi device is the C2 as its a bit nippier due to recent CPU and RAM speedup tweaks, the Play2 is pretty nice too, especially with the soon to be released Android TV OS image.

Note: one word of warning. Don't expect all manner of external USB Peripherals to work straight out of the box with any AMLogic device as they run a relatively older Linux based Kernel and drivers vs Intel or RPi devices.

Firstly, thankyou wrxtasy for all the great info you posted here. I've had a look at some of the suggestions you made above. The Wetek Play 2 & Odroid C2 look to be the most logical...preference at this stage is the C2 due to price and the custom features of the platform.

I've had a look at Ameridroid and hardkernal and considering the purchase now. Before I fully commit do I need anything more than listed below to get going?

I see the eMMC modules in various colours which appear to be platform specific, black - android, red - linux etc. I was looking at the 8Gb Black Android eMMC add on, can go larger if recommended. Is this all I would need to combine with the C2 (+case and powers supply) to get started? Anything else you would consider adding tot he buy list? Assumptions include, writing to eMMC via Windows libre app via USB connection etc. Also would this combination support dual boot Android or will libreELEC overwrite everything pre loaded?

The dual support feature would be nice if I could get the android play store benefits, browser etc though not a deal breaker if it's not supported. I could always get a second unit down the road if I ever get Netflix. Is there any limitations on playback with the android build for C2? I heard of some streaming (Netflix and youtube) only allowing HD streams from certified devices (Hello Play 2). I don't do a lot of IP steaming so not too worried if standard def is all you get I'll likely just go with a single unit for libre - Kodi and see how I go from there.

I also have an old and still awesome Logitech Harmony One that I use for managing all my hifi. Shouldn't be too hard to find a compatible device that I can program. It's getting a little old though, the rubber on the back is literally falling off the plastic from age, the Bluetooth with Peel Smart remote might eventually be the successor should the one die and I see there's C2 BT modules available. I might just add that to the list for testing purposes. Would be nice to have the controls on the phone available as a fallback.

Thanks again for replying and setting me on the right course.


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