START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
My old HTPC (Grandia G02 case, SSD, 4GB, Windows 7, CPU=AMD Athlon 4050e) is not running flawlessly anymore. I could reinstall Windows 7 but I am not keen on putting that much effort in an old pc so I'm looking for an new/improved solution. I've read a lot but as a consequence I'm a bit torn between several options. I hope somebody can push me in the right direction.

Current situation: HTPC + 5.1 surround receiver Sony STR-DG510 + Panasonic Viera tv (hd ready/720p).

Purpose: using Netflix (HD), watching movies/series from a homeserver (including some video_ts files) and viewing tv-shows recorded using a HDHomerun (EU-version).

This homeserver is a Windows 10 server which I will upgrade later as I want to start experimenting with Plex or Emby.

I've found the following options:

1) Wetek Hub/Core:
Disadvantage: only stereo at Netflix. And I am not sure if the Weteks play video_ts files very well?

2) Nvidia Shield tv:
This seems like the best plug and play solution but I've read that the Shield can only output 1080p which would result in big pixels on a HD ready tv.

3) Upgrading my HTPC with a new N3050-based motherboard + memory and a new Windows 10 key:
This is cheaper than the Shield option but this would mean keeping a big computer in the cabinet below the tv which maybe is a bit "oldfashioned". Also the question is how long the PSU is gonna last.

4) Buying a second hand Intel NUC
There are a lot of second hand NUC boxes on the market, some even with Windows 10 included. For 150 euro you could get your hand on a box with a N3050 CPU and IR included. But when I checked the benchmarks it surprised me my current CPU is not slower so the question is: what do I gain in this situation?

5) Buying a second hand Vivopc/Acer Revo/Gigabyte Brix:
Regarding the CPU the other boxes seem more interesting. For that 150 euro you could also get a box with a 2957U or even a somewhat older 3227U.

I really like the plug and play of Android boxes like the Wetek or the Shield but maybe they are still not on par with a (small) pc? Regarding Netflix I have heard some positive response on the Windows 10 app. Or am I missing some advantages or disadvantages?

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