START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Its easy to confuse the new US specific device with the older Mi Box 3's. None of those Mi Devices are the correct ones you want for 1080p Netflix streaming. The 2GB old one, you linked too is running a pretty old Android 4.4 The new one runs Android 6.0 and a Android TV OS.

If you are only hooking directly up to a TV, with just basic 2.0 channel Audio requirements for streaming then you will be perfectly fine with the US Mi Box. It is target directly at users like yourself. The issues I listed previously will not even affect you. Have a look in the Mi Box thread for a YouTube video review.

This is the correct one from Wally World !

Apparently the great unwashed general US populace like to shop at Wally World. Or thats what I've been led to believe over in the Mi Box thread Wink Wink


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