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(2016-11-03, 12:53)wrxtasy Wrote: A bunch or IR remote controls (MCE IR remotes, Harmony's) work out of the box with the C2. It has its own IR receiver.

You can also program your own IR remote if you fancy a bit of DIY, and maybe learn something in the process.
Then there is also comprehensive HDMI-CEC remote control built in as well. Same as the RPi2.

Once again, thanks, I am not sure how I have the Flirc set up, but think I am using Tivo codes as we replaced our HD Tivo with the Chromebox kodi box. It has been a while, if the C2 already has a IR receiver it will save buying another Flirc even if I have to use my cheap Sony learning remotes. Yes Harmony is nice but beyond our budget, and I am not sure how good the linux support is for that remote, We have a cheap HDMI splitter in the system that prevents CEC from working, but I really prefer not to spend money replacing it unless I have to do that.

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