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Hey guys,

at the moment I use the very stable odroid c2 in combination with wrxtasy's libreelec 7.1.0 from october. It's not possible to use amazon or netflix with the odroid c2 at the moment, so I am looking for another box.

But which box meets my demands?

1. Netflix 1080p 5.1
2. Amazon 1080p 5.1
3. Kodi - jidderfree mkv movies (mpeg2/h264) in 1080p with automatic frame rate switching to 24(23,976)/50/60Hz and 5.1 HD Audio passthrough (Dolby/DTS)
4. Kodi - jidderfree VDR liveTV (mpeg2/h264) in max 1080i 50Hz 5.1
5. Kodi - music mp3
6. remote control per harmony remote
7. Retrogaming (NES/SNES/N64)
8. connecting 2 bluetooth PS3 Controller

Android TV/Libreelec dualboot would be nice. 4K is optional, but also would be nice.

If the nvidia shield can do 1-7, it may be an option without Libreelec dualboot. So I would buy a second shield game pad and sell the two ps3 controller.

But what about the hub with WeOS or ATV OS Rom by Ricardo? Does it meet all the 7 points? What about the memory leak with 1GB RAM? Anybody here connected one or two ps3 controllers to the hub?

Are there any other boxes on the market meeting my requirements?

Thanks and greetings Hoppel
frontend: nvidia shield tv 2019 pro | apple tv 4k | sonos arc 5.1.2 | lg oled65c97la
backend: supermicro x11ssh-ctf | xeon | 64gb ecc | wd red | zfs raid-z2 | dd max s8

software: debian | proxmox | openmediavault | docker | kodi | emby | tvheadend | fhem | unifi

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