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(2016-11-24, 14:17)hansolo Wrote: Well, no: link HBO Go SD
For Android devices: Netflix in SD
I have Himedia Q5 and Netflix and HBO Go are SD, on my Samsung HU7500 TV Netflix is 4k and HBO Go... SD.
You can't even have Youtube 1080p for q5pro, at least not with official app and unreliable with OGYoutube.
These subjects were frequently mentioned in these forums.

Well, that is a shame. Maybe they will fix it in the future. I really think my non-WebOS LG TV is showing HBO Go at the same quality as my TV (definitely better than the app, it can be seen with the naked eye). I can practically cannot tell the difference between HD broadcast and the app from the TV. Thank you for clarifying it. I missed that post on Mobilissimo forum.
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