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(2016-12-04, 00:44)aian Wrote: Thank you for your reply couto27.

I've had the same files for all these 5 years.
It is only rarely that I update my content, it must be something really important (for me) to want to add to my collection.
A DVD rip in avi 480p format of a 1972 movie shouldn't be a problem for any media player in 2016.
Besides, it wasn't the same movies/tv series that displayed a problem in each machine, it was always a random occurrence.
Sometimes the problem would appear in one movie, and after an hour it wouldn't appear again (for the same movie).

Does the problem happened when you using external Hard drive or is only in the NAS...

what Nas do you have ?
what streaming protocol do you use, Samba, NFS etc
Had you try to copy to new external Hard drive and re-test ?
Do you use any powerline ?
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