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(2016-12-07, 14:47)tododo Wrote: Hi all
Looking for a bit of advise
A collegaue at work is considering getting some sort of Kodi box

His main requirement is probably for it to be easy to use and Wife / Kids Friendly and to have an ethernet port preferably

I would guess he would not want to be updating things or playing with it much at all - so plug in forget would be ideal

Hes a bit short cash wise but has been looking around the £50-£60 mark
Ive advised maybe try the Tonbox or Q-Box (Android Boxes) but I understand these all have various stability issues of some sort and it is recommened to put openelec on them instead??

Please correct if Im wrong
Ive never used one of these boxes......we dont want one of these rip off fully loaded boxes either btw we want something we can load on and configure ourselves

Install Openelec doesnt sound like something he would be able to do say if a new version comes out quite often

Im thinking that the Amazon Fire Box is probably best for his needs as it seems to be the best of both worlds - although that is pushing the price up a touch

Are there any other recommendations - the Nvidia Sheild would be overkill really

Thanks all
Yes Wife / Kids Friendly device with an Easy to use interface:
  • Amazon FireTV2, you sideload Kodi on to this device. There are guides available. Or you Purchase MrMC (Kodi AFTV version) from Amazon Store.
  • Xiaomi Mi Box, download SPMC (Android TV specific version of Kodi) or Kodi itself from the built in Google Play Store
Android TV on the Mi Box

The Kids will have fun with both of these devices playing with Voice Search features.
The Xiaomi Mi Box is WiFi only, but it is more than capable with a decent 5GHz Home WiFi Network. AXIS Chipset USB2 > Ethernet Adapters work as well.

In the UK these guys sell the proper Android TV - Mi Boxes:

BTW. Thanks for taking the time reading about the Harm "Fully Loaded" boxes do to the Kodi project.
We wish there were more users like you ! Smile


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