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(2016-12-07, 01:22)Dan50 Wrote: Are you from Europe?

No - Canada

(2016-12-07, 03:46)wrxtasy Wrote: No DTS-HD MA / HD Audio Passthrough available on the Mi Box, follow the link below (from Post #1)

Q. I'm a Newbie on a $100 budget using a 1080p TV, I do not need HD Audio and have no audio/video receiver (AVR).
I just want to plug in and power up, and run Kodi with minimal fuss. I don't care about anything else ?
  • Xiaomi Mi Box, mini review HERE
  • WeTek Hub
  • Which device is better for use as a Kodi media player, well read this and make up your own mind.

I have an AVR (and want to maximize its use) and want HD audio - so Mi Box is out then

Appreciate the comparable between Mi Box and Wetek Hub

Are my choices reduced to this, if so, that's great... if not - that's okay too, what are they?
- Wetek Hub
- Wetek Core - likely out
- Nvidia Shield - likely out as Nvidia Shield is out of stock - if and when Nvidia Shield 2 comes out (i dont know)

@wrxtasy, I read one of your post on another forum

Hub improvements compared to the Core:
- 10 bit Hardware HEVC decoding (better VPU)
- 2160p video at 50/60Hz over HDMI 2.0
- AC WiFi with a more sensitive External Antenna
- eMMC Flash Storage results in a slightly faster device.
- Comprehensive Kodi HD Audio Output now supported in LibreELEC Kodi as well.
- IR extender cord and proper Worldwide power plug adapters + RS232 / serial cable
- Excellent quality, solid metal/plastic case for heat dissipation.
- A tiny device that just looks cool. Smile

Core superiorities:
- A far far better Air Mouse - RF remote control, especially when using Android. I hate the Hub's IR one.
- 2 USB 2.0 ports vs 1 on the Hub
- S/PDIF optical output
- the modded Android TV Netflix App runs properly, crashes on the Hub. (Fixed with Hub Firmware v1.02)
- more powerful GPU in the Core for 3D gaming.

Does it still stand that Hub > Core?
-i dont care if the remote control has airmouse or not - i will likely get a 3rd keyboard/track pad - or simple use my harmony remote
-dont care for gaming
-dont need optical out, using HDMI to AVR

Audio is important for me, ranking order more than Netflix HD

Is the Wetek Hub the right choice then? (accepting that Nvidia Shield is not available)

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