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I was using my 1080p HTPC (windows based device with afedchin 3D MVC build on it), but when i upgraded to a 4K projector i started looking at additional options.

I purchased the nVidia Shield and started using the SPMC Kodi fork. This gave me a 4K build. However, I've realised that the nVidia Shield even though its 4K its not as good as the picture quality i was receiving from my Windows HTPC machine earlier. Also the issue of not being able to play 3D ISO files from the nVidia Shield was an issue!!!

So i started searching further and from the 3D player thread on this forum, i decided to go with the Zidoo X9S device, this does everything as i wanted it to, ie. 4K playback, superb picture quality (using external zidoo video player only), 3D playback through ISO files also, even gives me Bluray menus on ISO files!!! So sounds perfect right? Nope it wasn't!!

Im having many issues, the in built ZDMC (Kodi) video player is complete shambles, out of sync audio, very slow etc... So i have to completely rely on using the external video player, which works well but then has issues when you only watch half complete files, it doesn't sync this back with Kodi (ZDMC), and always marks the files are Watched!
Also the external subtitles in this Zidoo player is a complete mess at the moment, with faulty fonts being used for subtitle characters. Also coming from using the nVidia Shield, the Zidoo device is painfully slow and laggy, perhaps because the remote is absolute trash, while the nVidia Shields remote is phenomenal and works very smoothly!

Don't get me wrong the picture quality in the Zidoo video Player is really top notch, the best I've seen but I'm thinking of returning the Zidoo device because of the other minor issues that would make daily usage a huge pain, but if i do return it, i just don't know what else to do?!?

Any tips? I can continue to use my HTPC with the afedchin MVC build on it, but my HTPC windows 10 machine, seems to only allow output at max 1080p and not 4K?! Also aren't 3D files anyway limited to 1080p? Is there any benefit of playing 1080p files on a 4K device output? As all my Bluray files are 1080p anyway.

Whats your suggestion to this please?

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