START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Hey new to Forum. Wow! A lot of Great info on this Thread.

I think this post is relevant on this thread because I just bought a box/hw...but due to some issues I may return and still be shopping!

Yesterday I bought a WeTek Hub to replace my ATV2 for a KODI box. far it seems like I may be experiencing some "micro stutters"...possibly FrameRate (23.9x fps) issue. I need to debug further...but after some (probably not enough) research I figured the WeTek Hub would be far superior to what I was "used to" on the ATV2. But I for sure want smooth the micro stuttering is possibly a return point.

Again I need to debug further (just got it yesterday). I'm technical (HW & FW developer on embedded platforms)...but not technical enough to invent a time main problem! (not enough time!)

So I wanted to ask the forum (especially wrxstasy) about "which box should I buy". With emphasis on the WeTek Hub (cause I already bought it).

Here are my requirements (very light):

1. No Audio Req. - My wife won't let me have big sound Confused
2. Wifi Only - Wired not an option really
3. Really just want a stream lined Kodi box. Other apps are secondary.
4. Don't care bout high res 4k etc. 720/1080p good for us
5. I for sure want SMOOTH (no micro stutters...or stutter when panning) PLAYBACK in Kodi
6. Budget secondary to time..but don't want to spend too too much.

After doing some research and then today reading this forum, I would expect the answer to be: LibreELEC with WeTek Hub.
But yesterday I had stuttering issues with 720p source. Did all the "Kodi" tricks (HW acceleration off, Sync Frame Rate etc.) Still stuttered. Both WeTek Player and Kodi Native.
Note: So far only booted Android. No experience yet with LibreElec.

The WeTek Forum has a huge thread from the earlier WeTek boxes about the 23.9x fps. As well the other boxes (HiMedia Qx) seemed to at one point have FW issues with this as well. It seems like there was some incompatibility with the AMLogic chipset(s) and Kodi (or android?) Kernel mods needed? Sorry I'd know better if I had more time! Wink

So given my Requirements:

1. Should I stick with the WeTek Hub? Test under LibreElec? Debug the "micro stuttering" further? (I haven't done any REAL debugging as yet). Or is the AMLogic chipset and Kodi just asking for playback issues?

2. My main concern (low requirements) is SMOOTH PLAYBACK in Kodi. Stuttering drives me nuts. Should I ditch the AMLogic chipset boxes all together? Go with ChromeBox or something? Nvidia Sheild? I just want smooth playback. Even 4k or HDR future proof not concern. Smooth play back.

3. To me it sounds like LibreElec is the least buggy and has most Dev. support. WeTek Hub has nice dual boot I can use LibreElec for Kodi and then Android for other apps (the Netflix full HD is appealing)...but Kodi is primary requirement, apps secondary. Seems like Nvidia Shield is Android only...and sounds as if Kodi and Android have some "personnel" issues right now.

Sorry this is half Box Shopping and half WeTek Hub debug. But I bought the Hub at Best Buy and can return easily (but soonish). So just wondering if I should change course now.

Are there some standard test files available I can run to test the Hub or (if return) other box?

Thanks in Advance!

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