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(2016-12-12, 01:21)brazen1 Wrote: Go into Nvidia Control Panel/Configure Surround/PhysX/PhysX Settings and here you can toggle between your CPU and GPU.
Here you will find or tell which is going to be the workhorse.

I was interested if you can play that file using any player (preferably Kodi) with your GTX 970 set as the workhorse.
I wasn't able to with my ancient CPU so I upgraded to a GTX 960 GPU and all is well.

The point is, had I upgraded to a 970, 980, etc. because they don't hardware decode, I don't think they would have worked for me.
Curious if your 970 does or doesn't (without the help of your strong CPU).
On paper many things are supposed to work. The real world is often a different story.

Trying to confirm if a 960 is better for HTPC use than 970, 980, etc. No idea about the 10XX models? Maybe someone else will chime in using the same method and file.

Well, you are correct. My GTX 970 does not use the GPU for HW decoding (even with setting the GPU as the workhorse for PhysX. Kodi really struggles to play the 4K HDR samples. MPC-HC does play them, but it uses the CPU, no matter what HW decoder I am selecting in LAV Video settings. I am a little disappointed that Nvidia did such a thing, I use my PC for gaming only. Even before I bought my TV box I was using my LG smart TV to watch movies (connecting an external HDD to it directly).
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