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Wow This is a LOT to take in for a rather amateur Kodi user!
Holy crap

Ok here is my question:

How do I enjoy high quality 3d movies on Kodi?
And here is what my question stems from:

I've read a LOT of stuff on the web and just finished googling for almost 2 hours until I finally came across this thread.

My setup: I have an HTPC (with a decent graphics card and a decent CPU i5 I believe) attached to my home theater setup. I've setup my Marantz sr-5008 receiver/amp so it doesn't do any sound processing and leaves that to my HTPC or Blu ray player. My HTPC is connected via HDMI to the receiver which in turn feeds the Panasonic 3d tv.

Most of my 3d movies in the past have been watched in SBS or TAB (mkvs) and I did notice there's a lack of quality compared to when I play a 3d blu ray disc in my blu ray disc player. But I want to centralize all of my blu ray movies into my HTPC (for home streaming to devices and such) and to watch my movies on KODI. I do enjoy Kodi 100x times more than a stupid incapable blu ray disc player...


I'm using method #5 (3d ISOs) big 30-50gb files which Kodi is able to read but does not detect the 3d. It just goes ahead and plays the movie in 2d. From what I understand: I need to have an "kodi version that supports MVC" if I want to be able to play the 3d movies and see the blu ray disc menus.

So my question is: Can someone explain to me exactly what I'm to do in SIMPLE english if possible lol Smile If I want to play 3d iso movies so that Kodi detects the 3d in the movie and displays it in FULL HD for both eyes instead of cropping it or reducing it to some lower sbs quality?

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