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(2017-01-06, 15:12)TheHulk Wrote: Hi

I was reading the first post with interest and have a simple question.

First my situation:
- I have a perfectly installed PC with a newly installed win 10 (most advanced version)
- I have kodi 16.x
- It is an AMD but everything but I really mean everything can play on it (every format I want, it plays it)
- I installed the bonjour service and can use my Ipad to remotely connect to kodi and browse through the interface
- the PC is connected with ethernet, and the ipad goes via wifi to the router and then to the PC over ethernet
- I play all content on a beamer
- audio is a simple stereo plug

Now I want to relocate the PC somewhere else, and I just want to use it to stream movies, series (server) via ethernet to some kind of Box that acts as a client
So all my content is on the PC, except for the stuff that comes streaming from the internet like trailers and so on

So what kind of media box / SOC do I need so I can like now, just play anything I throw at it?

I do not understand if for example the client can not play HVEC, and the server that runs Kodi just streams it to the media box / Soc (that also runs kodi)
that it will just play, because it just streams data that just gets displayed. OR it does not display since the client does not understand the signal and is not able to play HVEC.

So I do not understand what works or what does not work between a server that streams, and a client that receives and just passes it through to my beamer?

kodi is not a server, and even when upnp is used does not transcode. Your client will need to be able to play whatever media you have.
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