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(2017-01-09, 03:59)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2017-01-08, 20:20)barturblits Wrote: What do you mean with Odroid c2 is not dual booting?
You can multiboot what you want with the c2 even put all os's on one mmc.
Interesting tool at github:

Have not tried it because dont have a odroid yet, but looks very promising.
Yes I have used that in the past, but its not Newb friendly AND you need to have a C2 Linux image up and running first to run the Loboris scripts to create Multiboot. Its not what I would classify as easy Multi Boot.
I personally would not include it in the Dual boot list until proper testing is done or we start distributing complete multiboot images that can easily be flashed.

Aha ok, thanks. It was unclear that this software runs on the C2 itself. I thought you could run it from a different linux pc, create the custom image and then flash it on the emmc. I am still in the process of deciding between a Wetek Play2 or Odroid C2. I prefer a triple boot with Libreelec/kodi, volumio and Ubuntu/debian but I might need android for a comfortable Netflix experience, not sure how user friendly it works on Libreelec.

Does anyone know what audio DAC the Wetek Play2 is using for analog/AV output?

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