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(2017-01-06, 11:27)karelj Wrote: Ok..I've had to deal with some irritating and soul sucking stuff in my life hence my lack of a followup. I've been reading as many relevant topics and posts that I can, but I'm still a bit lost. I would have preferred to figure this stuff out on my own without having to ask redundant questions, but it is time to swallow my pride.
My needs:
HD Audio passthrough of Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS, DTS-HD MA
Play my Blu Ray rips, MKVs, M2TS in full 1080p
Expandable MicroSD storage up to at least 64gb and/or the ability to connect an external hard drive via usb
$100.00 max.

No 4K tv or 4K compatible AVR, so I can live without that.
Solution - use LibreELEC Kodi with....

AMLogic S905 - ODROID C2 with a Samsung EVO or Sandisk Class 10 UHS-1 micro SDHC for superior 4K R/W performance. This will run off any USB - 2 Amp Phone Charger. Only extra really needed then is a case to house the board.
The External Hard drive will have to have its own seperate power pack or a seperate powered USB Hub will need to be use for HDD reliability.

You can use Lirc to program and use you own IR remote control or simply use HDMI-CEC control with the TV or AVR's remote.

Other options in this $100 market space are the 1GB WeTek Hub that works well now we have the LibreELEC memory leak problem fixed. Its AMLogic Android Lollipop Firmware will be better than any other Android AML device on the market, you can also tinker and run a Android TV OS ROM. You get easy dual boot with the Hub, its a nice flexible little device.

Ultimately a Wireless remote control like the MINIX A2 Lite when combined with the devices above works really well. No mini lags & missed IR button presses then. Once you have gone wireless its then very hard to go back to Infra Red only control. Wink

LibreELEC Kodi Krypton for these AML S905 devices is looking really nice, now we are in the final phases of testing. Smile


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