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(2017-01-11, 12:34)jeffjoker Wrote: The nvidia shield is the best android device, but like all other android devices lacks full HD audio passthrough
The nVIDIA Shield already does lossless Multichannel PCM & HD Audio passthrough quite well in SPMC.
Koying already has an IEC passthrough option in SPMC too. I assume for Android Nougat readiness.

(2017-01-11, 12:14)jeffjoker Wrote: You should have some kind of dynamic table/filter for this topic.
So people can mix their needs and see the boxes.
Would be a much shorter and simpler post and more efficient search.
Volunteers cleverer than me can do that and then spend time dynamically updating & maintaining it as well. Wink

The updating and maintaining will be the hard, time consuming parts if such a thing is to stay relevant and have any use at all.

(2017-01-11, 12:54)Avds Wrote: I see a box out called the t8-v from a popular site online is this to be avoided?
Personally I see no sense in buying generic Android boxes with uncertain ongoing Firmware support from Ship and Forget companies, especially when there is a very competent, remote friendly $69 Android TV OS - Xiaomi Mi Box on the market with a kick ass Bluetooth Voice remote included and decent ongoing support.

Not everything (WiFi & Bluetooth especially) is guaranteed to work with cheap, generic AML Android Boxes. Don't believe the marketing and paid for reviews Hype. Its a lucky dip.

If the T8-V comes with AMLogic Android Lollipop chances are it will be more stable than a generic AML Android Marshmallow box. And you can always use LibreELEC Kodi on a S905 box if the Android included is a Dud.


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