START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
The C2 has a AML S905 that does not support HDR. You need a AML S905X like there is in the Mi Box for HDR.
Realtek (see Hardkernel website) USB WiFi dongles can be added to C2. Any cheap CSR 4.0 BT dongle works as well.

Wireless remotes added to any Kodi box are superior to IR only remotes.

USB3 not needed unless transferring file to connected USB HDD over a home network. USB2 has more than enough bandwidth to hand High Bitrate 2160p (4K)

No Usenet clients either on the C2 with LE. You really should be using a Linux Box if wanting to run other non LibreELEC services.

If you want to experiment with HDR - running test clips on a repeat loop - till boredom sets in. On the cheap, with good AC WiFi and Bluetooth with an excellent remote, the Mi Box is good value. Once it gets Kodi dynamic refresh rate switching sorted out for ultra smooth video playback (AML are working on it), it will be a no brainer Android TV OS - budget device purchase for semi serious Kodi users.

There is a lot of good work now being done by AMLogic in consultation with Kodi developers to fix long standing bugs & meet required Android standards. As well, AML LibreELEC is the best I've ever seen AML Kodi Krypton run with the beta releases we are testing on the C2.

All these AML Android benefits coming down the pipe mean diddly squat if users continue to purchase crap AML Android devices from Ship and Forget Asian companies that provide no, or incompetant after sales Firmware support.


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