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(2017-01-16, 05:10)KoopaTroopa Wrote: Xiaomi Mi Box with that Bluetooth remote that only has like 8 buttons, it's the current favourite but amusingly I got that box for my parents and not myself!

Can you buy the Xiaomi remote separately and use it with other devices? (e.g. Odroid C2 or Raspberry Pi?)
I've tried this with the C2, and could not get it to respond. It would make a fantastic Combo for C2's and RPi's if we could get it running. Its definitely worth looking into. Smile

I bought a Mi Box for my non media player savvy Sister. Simply because of the no nonsense Android TV and superbly simply BT Voice remote integration.

Yes I too now adopt the K.I.S.S. methodology. Keep It Simple Stupid.
Too many buttons on a remote, spaced far too close together, with no thought given to the buttons actually used the most, and I shake my head in bewilderment. Wondering what were they thinking ?

\ venting mode on....

Whomever thought the round outer Dial buttons in the middle of the WeTek Play2 remote was a good idea should be shot !
That is shockingly bad remote button layout right there.

I hate the Bluetooth PS3 remote as well for it's tiny, closely spaced button layout. Might be OK for small Japanese hands but for blokes with a Gorilla grip. definitely not !

/ venting mode off !

Anyone with a FireTV like to comment on that remote ?


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