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(2017-01-17, 23:13)jeffjoker Wrote:
(2017-01-17, 16:11)wrxtasy Wrote: The Mi Box desperately needs Kodi dynamic refresh rate switching & Hardware deinterlacing working, if you need TV in Kodi. To make it a solid Kodi budget choice. Its nearly there. I've actually seen them slightly cheaper on the Aliexpress website.

The Shield is still a better Kodi SPMC(Jarvis) & Android TV Apps device, pity about its 2017 remote :-(
Not many people seem to like the capacitive touch Volume controls either.

Yeah the 2 cheapest I found :
€63.16 :
€66.03 :

If you speak chinese, it goes as low as 35€ !!!!

I love this one:
Ok it will be chinese on the interface but we preinstall Kodi !!!

I do not need TV so I don t care about desinterlacing Wink
I've crossed out the 3 above so as not to confuse Newbies. Only one of those will give you the proper Android TV (USA Spec) Mi Box. The rest are normal normal Xiaomi gear that will not get you what you want. It is VERY easy to buy the wrong box, as there are so many different varients of them that look exactly the same.

These guys shipping from Spain may be a better idea for some EU buyers if they are going to get stung with import taxes.


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