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(2017-01-30, 11:59)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2017-01-30, 11:07)viz55 Wrote: thanks for your comments. they are very valuable in my market research. is it possible to tell me the actual boot time of any of your suggestions ? if i end up buy sth in this category will probably consider mi box (i guess you are suggesting the mi Box pro?) , wetek and minix u1.
I'm into usability, which means bug busting Firmware updates, after sales support, Wireless remotes combined with easy to use Graphic user interfaces. Confirmed Audio and Video features that actually work properly. Hardware that is relatively reliable and does not overheat due to poorly written Firmware.

You are actually barking up the wrong tree if you want speedy bootup times. I'm not sure why this has become Super important, its the last thing you should be concentrating on. Bleeding edge Tech Specs is also misleading with cheap AMLogic hardware, because without proper Firmware support they are frankly useless.

Also I hope you are aware of the remote control usability differences between regular cheap touchscreen Android boxes and the proper Android TV OS ones like the Shield and the Mi Box ?
Android TV OS is one of the reasons why the Shield is so popular - its a LOT easier to use with just a Simple Bluetooth Wireless Voice recognition remote.

You need to be using LibreELEC Kodi on an AMLogic S905 Box if you want speedy bootup times. My AML S905 ODROID C2 running LibreELEC Kodi boots up in 9 seconds with eMMC Flash. The Mi Box is approx. 25 seconds.

thank you once again for your time and your contribution to my search. The only reason that i focus to boot time is that the most common use of the TV Box will be to open it and watch in my TV the material i have in my NAS. With my Himedia 900a media player, neglecting the times that does not boot at all, the booting time is over 3-5 min. i tried all the firmware's i came across with no luck. So i decided to buy a new TV box. but when buying sth new you want not to be outdated after a month. so i got into all the details and spec to find the best match for me. i also have a very good Yamaha receiver that's why i am interested in audio pass-through. finally i didn't want to be engaged with programming or any difficult configurations/ workarounds due to lack of time so i rejected (even thought i loved the idea) ODROID and RPi3. Is Mi Box you refer the Mi Box pro or any of the Mi Box 3S/ 3 enhanced? And are all Wetek dual boot by default or do i have to workaround as well.

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