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(2017-01-30, 22:10)rdefrei1 Wrote: K.... 2017 Fully Loaded Unlocked S912 Android 6.0 Marshmallow TV BOX Krypton 17

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There is a REALLY GOOD rundown of good Kodi devices on Page#1 of this very thread, where I already talk about devices that will actually work properly with Kodi and gives warning about all the rubbish, being advertised out in the market place.

Also please read this post about "Fully Loaded" - you will get no help here on the Kodi forums for such devices. Don't get fooled by fancy advertising and bleeding edge Tech Specs, promising the earth, with all sorts of free stuff, especially with AMLogic devices sold on Amazon and Ebay. Its all Crap and lies, designed to take you money and run away with it.

The Piracy Box Sellers and Youtube Promoters Are Killing Kodi

Quote:If you see somebody selling a box that’s “fully loaded” or comes with the phrase “Free movies and TV with Kodi,” please, ask them to stop. And let us know. It’s OK to sell a vanilla Kodi box. It’s OK to sell a fully loaded box that doesn’t have Kodi installed or fully rebrands Kodi to something else entirely. It is not OK to sell a fully loaded Kodi box.

And then you have this to also read:

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