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(2017-01-30, 23:33)viz55 Wrote:
(2017-01-30, 16:34)wrxtasy Wrote: @viz55,

Not sure where you are getting Mi Box Pro from, these are the Mi Boxes we are talking about: (Model MDZ-16-1AB):
Forget about 3S/ 3 enhanced they are Chinese Domestic market only. No Android TV.

Mi Box - International version - Ships from Spain or China

Solutions Shop

Flashing a ODROID C2 SD/eMMC is dead easy if you can point and Click a Mouse Wink
It will work out of the gate. I'm not using any complicated workarounds.

Flashing ODROID C2

LibreELEC on the C2 will support a wider variety of Video codecs, more seamlessly than any AMLogic Android device running Kodi.

WeTek's have built in Dual Boot already. You need to follow and read all the info in the links in Page #1 regarding Mi Box vs the WeTek Hub.

thank you once more!
here is the site of the xiaomi that i though it was the original

i have already read the mi box vs wetek hub thread . very helpful.
i have currently narrow down my list to ones you suggest mi box, wetek hub and odroid c2
thanks again, your advice were very helpful

Hello again wrxtasy,
i hope this would be my last post on the subject.
given the fact that i read quite a lot of your threads on this forum as well as in wetek's and other forums on wetek hub and play2.
Consider that the 20euro price difference is no object and that TV tuner is not sth to be missed, i would like to hear your suggestion for me between these two finals. Is the development of both firmwares going to continue in a good pace? does the 1 GB more RAM makes any difference? Is the progress of the firmware development leans more on hub (marshmallow already complete) or is just a matter of time for play2 because of tv tuner drivers ...? how identical are the firmwares and the LibreElec of these machines if we exclude the TV tuner capabilities? i am thinking to go more with play2 given the fact that is a newer model (=>more future) with a far more better remote and IR as you state in your threads. I would be very glad if you give me your personal opinion on this.
Thanks in advance!

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