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(2017-02-01, 12:05)Mikeed Wrote: Hi All!
Please if some one has one minute to advice me, I cant find "golden path after what i red in this forum":

I need:
- 1080p, maybe in future 4K (no 3D)
- hd audio 5.1, dts pass
- optical output

I wish (not condition) :
- Ethernet

Currently I´m running on HTPC Asrock with AMD processor, but I want less consumption and less space.

sorry for bothering and thanks!!!
Answer - an Intel / AsRock Apollo Lake upgrade will get you 10bit HEVC Hardware decoding and 4K, usually Optical output as well. I think HDMI-CEC has been introduced for Intel Apollo. No idea how comprehensive support of it is in say LibreELEC. See the relevant Apollo Hardware thread.

Otherwise budget end of the market any 2GB AMLogic S905 with device (eMMC Flash Storage) running LibreELEC Kodi Krypton, like the ODROID C2. Combine that with a HDMI > Optical Audio extractor and a Wireless remote like the MINIX A2 Lite and you have a pretty decent setup. This definitely does comprehensive HDMI CEC, HD Audio, 4K, and will play anything you throw at it, excluding HDR.


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