START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)

Some general points....

- 1GB Android devices will have more low level memory management and garbage collection routines running more often than 2GB Android devices. They can be slower when all this low level OS maintenance is occurring more often.

- Android Marshmallow is at least 2X faster than Android Lollipop on AMLogic Android devices.

- Wireless remote control response times and button pressing GUI reaction times are superior vs Infra Red only remotes. No Line of sight issues with Wireless remotes. The WeTek IR Hub remote is the worst I have in the house, its an easy fix tho by purchasing a Wireless remote like the MINIX A2 Lite.

- Android TV OS (Mi Box, Shield, Ricardo's ROMS on WeTek) or Amazon's Fire OS is far easier to use for the general public than generic touchscreen Android, which needs an Air Mouse / Touchpad Keyboard to use touchscreen Android Apps properly. Even then some people find manipulating Air Mouse cursors on a TV screen painful and a right royal PITA.

I'm even starting to Nickname this old touchscreen Android - a dinosaur OS so far as media player device use is concerned.

- For AMLogic LibreELEC Krypton - the ODROID C2 / Hub / Play2 all share that same AML Linux Kernel, same Kodi patches and are all officially supported by LibreELEC.

- WeTek Hub Marshmallow Firmware is no where near complete. Dual boot Android / LibreELEC is broken with that image as well. Sad

- The AMLogic S905X - Xiaomi Mi Box is a superior AMLogic Android only device (not Android Kodi box) in the budget marketspace. Once Kodi refresh switching is fixed on the Mi Box, it will be a pretty decent Android Kodi device as well.


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