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Hey guys, I've been running "KODI" since the good old days of XBMP on the original xbox. I'm currently running an Intel NUC, but it's starting to play up a bit, so I'm looking into a new piece of hardware.

The info on the first page is fantastic for an overview, but I have some specific requirements, most importantly the ability for dual audio output. I need output to my soundbar (HDMI or spdif) and to my DAC (currently via USB) for headphones. I currently achieve this via a modified alsa config on LibreElec. Other requirements:

* IR Remote (so I can use my Logitech Harmony)
* Ethernet - no need for wireless
* 1080p Netflix

I'm technically proficient, and don't mind tinkering, but I don't have much time for doing that these days.

Any suggestions? I think that the dual audio output may be hard to achieve on an Android box, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong. If it turns out that my only option to achieve dual audio output is via another NUC or a similarly expensive option, then I may look at mapping a custom script to a remote button to switch between headphones and soundbar output, but I'd really like to have dual audio again if I can.

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