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(2017-02-05, 15:08)Franktoni Wrote: Great tx! Sounds like you lean towards the Mi Box. I was also but the LAN performance on external USB scares me a little. Have you seen actual speedtest results on this? I saw some in the mi box thread but just wondering if any speeds surfaced with the Ugreen usb 3 dongle post firmware fixes. I have a 100mb/s connection, will it cap out at some speed much lower than that?
Honestly we have no idea, but can say that AC WiFi, combined with a good Dual Band N / AC router or ASIX Chipset USB adapters are good enough for 45Mb/s Bluray Streaming. Most 4K short test clips also play fine. If you want to be a power user and utilise 100 Mb/s streaming I would not be buying a Mi Box with no Gigabit Ethernet port. This is not the device for you.

Netflix works around these sort of WiFi only limitations by streaming 4K using HEVC compression anywhere between 15 to 24Mb/s as a Maximum.

The Mi Box is currently having trouble with some 4K .ts These 4K test clips come from HEVC test TV/Sat. broadcasts. The Mi Box is not as good as say a ODROID C2 running LibreELEC Kodi that can play all (non HDR) 4K content I can throw at it properly.


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