START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Thank you very much for the welcome Smile

The idea is to be able to give another use to the raspberry (agony of the test web server) and therefore acquire something better.

Always from Kodi's point of view, since we do not use Plex to share my content library.

Menu navigation, you will not have problems with the Logitech K400 which is what you are currently using, although the remote is comfortable that is the same as the TV Control type, because you can use HDMI-CEC.

Tuner I do not need that I will not connect anything, it takes the TV series these features.

As for applications I'm interested in online reproduction of legal content, ie playing television pages completely, is very much like having amrcadores.

And good little by little get into the world of kodi and therefore have a good device for that purpose.

I also like the idea of ​​playing my library of content, which I have on an external disk, which I like Kodi more for plugins than other players.

And if it were possible and not a limitation for the decision of the player for Kodi that became the first one to look at, that the main video of Amazon's prime.

So I have not thought anything, because I understand that models that are not Nvidia can not support it, but it will not be their main use.

If you support 4K / HDR better for the future.

Thank you once more.

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