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(2017-02-10, 12:40)wrxtasy Wrote: Hi, it's a bit unclear, do you need WiFi or Ethernet only ?

This EDIMAX EW-7811UTC Dual Band AC WiFi Adapter is compatible with the C2. have C2 packages for 74,95 €
The C1/C2 IR remote is needed for OFF/ON but this can also be done via HDMI-CEC when a HDMI-CEC TV switches OFF / ON.

I'm sure you are aware the RPi3 is it cannot do HEVC Hardware decoding which will cause problems going forward for a Kodi Media player.

I cannot recommend 802.11n 2.4GHz WiFi, like the RPi3 is packing for reliable streaming either. Too much interference in a modern congested Radio Frequency environment.
Hi wrxtasy, thank you for the quick answer, well both wifi&ethernet would be preferable.
For start i will use my samsung cec, but i was planing to buy harmony hub, so i can use it as a one for a all remote.
I'm aware of hardware pros/cons of both devices, that's why i chose c2, i'm just saying, rpi is a nice little reusable machine.
So this package + wifi would be 90 €, that's still acceptable.
Will 8 GB eMMC be enough? i presume c2 can't dual boot to some linux desktop, so it will be only libreelec+kodi

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