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(2017-02-17, 20:47)distracto Wrote: Hi guys, really long time user here, just popping in to vent

Wondering why all the love for the Android boxes? I purchased a Minix Neo X8-H Plus thinking I would be good for years, but now there is no support for the latest Android and I am stuck with Jarvis until I buy a new box. Rather frustrating to say the least.

Now I could point fingers at KODI and I could point fingers at Minix, but that won't change the fact that I am left behind in the ever evolving world of digital media playback.

I get the whole minimalistic approach as I don't do anything other than stream from my NAS (Netflix would be nice for viewing random documentaries, though my smart TV takes care of this decently) and I need HD pass-through/FLAC and 4K support without having to buy a new box every time android upgrades. This makes me feel that a windows/Linux solution would be best, no? with two little kids at home I don't have time to fiddle around with things, so i tend to shy away from Linux.

Are the windows solutions simply too messy and "sluggish"? I had used them for years and the reason I switched to Android was that I use Android phones (and am comfortable with rooting and flashing) and was tired of being kicked out of XBMC/KODI for windows updates etc., then pulling out the keyboard to navigate to the desktop click the icon and start again. The Minix just keeps KODI running.

I think I am talking myself back into Android/Linux dammit :/

tl;dr - Any ideas/advice for a future-proof tiny box for KODI with HD audio/FLAC and 4K playback?

(oh, and how about advice on a 7.1 receiver to go with it? My Marantz isn't capable of 4K pass-through unfortunately - poor purchase decision on my part)
Get off the Android roundabout and constant upgrade cycle. Ditch the limitations as well that saddle Android.
Simply boot straight into Kodi and be done with it.

Use LibreELEC Kodi. It's dead easy. Buy Hardware, flash pre made .images to a SD card or eMMC with easy to use Software. Plug in and power up. There are many Choices. See Post #1 for the easiest ones to get up and running.

AND if you get officially supported LibreELEC devices they will even Autoupdate for you. No fiddling needed.
An AMLogic S905 LibreELEC device like the C2 is all you will need

EDIT: One thing I will agree on is that it is a pretty poor effort on MINIX's part to not upgrade Android on what was once their "premium" product the X8H-Plus. This device runs a AML S812-H - the same as the WeTek Core - which WeTek had Android Lollipop 5.1.1 running on over a year ago. MINIX's just do not want to devote the developer resources to providing OS upgrades.

It's no wonder users have been purchasing nVIDIA Shields that get actual Android OS upgrade support, or buying devices that easily run LibreELEC.


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