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(2017-02-10, 12:20)Pajoe Wrote: We purchased 2 WeTek Play 2 units about 3 months ago, one for our house plus one as a gift, but now truly sorry. I wished we had chosen the Nvidia Shield. We chose the WeTek Play 2 as it is advertised as a plug and play type of purchase with an ATSC tuner, but it has not been working that way for us. It has been far more work than setting up our Chromebox and RPI/RPI2 combined. The included remote is terrible, and they still do not have a working epg for the USA ATSC terrestrial tuner using WeOS 2.02. Perhaps other areas of the world are better supported than USA. LibreElec is much better than WeOS, but of all our boxes, nothing works better than our Chromebox/LibreElec for daily entertainment.

The US is a trickier market for OTA tuners AIUI. In most of Europe/Aus/NZ and parts of Asia - where DVB-T/T2 is used for OTA - there are usually well implemented OTA EPG broadcasts (carrying 7+ days of listing for all channels, on all channels). In the US the EPG is implemented using PSIP - where often (always?) only channel listings for the channels and sub-channels tuned to are carried, and even then some broadcasters aren't great at carrying more than a couple of hours, days (and some are only now / next I believe)?

I think many TV Headend users in the US use XML-type listings for their EPG instead, which can take significantly more work to configure?

Also - there is a lot less support for US OTA development in Linux it seems, so whereas TV Headend and other PVR backends get lots of development for DVB sources with plenty of sources of tuners around, there are fewer developers and tuners for OTA.

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