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Total newbie to the world of Kodi and it's a mind-boggling choice to look at, even with the summary on page 1. I'm very PC-savvy but the terms I'm reading are like double Dutch, total new world.

I have a whole stack of films and TV programmes (over 20TB), currently on a Linux Mint PC but soon to be transferred over to an unRAID NAS I'll be building soon which will be my media server. I don't have or want 3D and I doubt I'll move anytime soon to 4K but who knows about that? TV is HD but not 4K and I use a Freesat Humax box. All my stuff is networked together with a Win10 laptop and Win 7 desktop.

I want to use Kodi to stream and looking at some of the things that unRAID can do, it might be nice to add some dockers to the NAS for things like VPN and torrent downloads, possibly Plex. As regards the Kodi, not ruling out adding in apps as I learn what I'm doing and what can be done. But I don't have or want Amazon/Netflix or any of those commercial subscription based channels. Not into gaming either.

A pal of mine is using a Venztech K1 (from Scan in the UK at around £40) and he swears by it but I notice online they have a newish model the Venz V10 Pro available ( Not seen it discussed here so I'm wondering if there are any thoughts about it?

Finally, I suppose the nVIDIA Shield is the closest match on the list on page 1 for my requirements but I can't stand the look of it, ****ing ugly flashy thing that it is. I just want a regular looking box that does its job unostentatiously (if that's a word)! But it seems to be good for what it claims to do.

Ooh decisions, decisions.....

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