START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Despite all my readings in this forum thread, I am forced to ask for help or guidance for my future new TV box.
Nowadays I have a Xtreamer MK1, very old, with about 8/9 years. It was very nice, considering the alternatives at that time. But, now I want to upgrade to a new one, with much more capacitie, and with a better interface for all my movies database.
I am looking for something that:

1) Provides excellent hardware capacity for playing all the new container formats that are appearing, as well new codes, like h265, etc.
2) Also has Android capabilities, so that my kids can enjoy games, YouTube, etc. Thus, it should also allow to interface with Bluetooth gamepads, for example.
3) Switching between Android and Kodi or Libreelec should be easy.
4) I do not have a 4K TV, but it is definitely in my plans to buy one in a short time. So, it must have this capability.
5) It must have wifi capacity or gigabit lan port. Also, USB connectivity.
6) I plan on buying a NAS for all my multimedia collection.
7) A nice wifi air mouse and remote is also needed.
8) I have a nice hi-fi amplifier, that I use when watching movies.

I’m not a computer expert, but I am very good with computers and all interested in learning. So, installing rows and libreelect, for example, is no trouble for me.
Nevertheless, there are some terms I’m not familiar, that I read in the forum. So, if for proper guidance, it is necessary to answer specific questions, please, fell free to post them as needed.
From the thread, I think that Wetek play 2 might be OK, but something is telling me that there might be better options.
Sorry, for all this long text, but probably, this compilation of characteristics might be of interest for a lot of other readers.
Thanks in advance for all the guidance.
I can't wait for reaching a decision and go to buy the equipment!

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