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(2017-03-05, 16:54)Sazkilla Wrote: Mi Box seems the cheapest. Then there a host of brands which are of Chinese make (AMlogic S905X) that are way cheaper.
Beelink mxiii ii / zidoo a5s both have 2 gb ram, s905x and similar features. They seem to be very economical especially the Beelink. For me audio and video support is critical.
Request your advice.
If you want a nice budget Android TV OS device with a kick ass wireless remote that is real easy for to use with Android TV Apps, then get a Mi Box. Downside are there is no Kodi dynamic refresh switching and Android Kodi on it will not be as good as running LibreELEC Kodi Krypton on a AMLogic S905 box.

For AML S905 boxes running LibreELEC Kodi, have a look over in this thread and follow the links to see what the guys are using.
That combo will give you the best bang for the buck Kodi only media player, especially if you install LibreELEC Kodi to internal eMMC storage.

Devices like the AML S905 WeTek Hub and ODROID C2 are the easiest to get up and going for LibreELEC. They are also LibreELEC officially supported platforms that will do nice things like Autoupdate.


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