START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
(2017-03-06, 03:05)jonascotch Wrote: 1) Provides excellent hardware capacity for playing all the new container formats that are appearing, as well new codes, like h265, etc.
2) Also has Android capabilities, so that my kids can enjoy games, YouTube, etc. Thus, it should also allow to interface with Bluetooth gamepads, for example.
3) Switching between Android and Kodi or Libreelec should be easy.
4) I do not have a 4K TV, but it is definitely in my plans to buy one in a short time. So, it must have this capability.
5) It must have wifi capacity or gigabit lan port. Also, USB connectivity.
6) I plan on buying a NAS for all my multimedia collection.
7) A nice wifi air mouse and remote is also needed.
8) I have a nice hi-fi amplifier, that I use when watching movies.

The nVIDIA Shield comes the closest to an all in one Android / Games / Kodi media player. It is the superior Android platform without doubt. Far more powerful than anything else and giving Intel NUC's a very good run for their money.

Plus it already comes with a Wireless remote and games controller and everything you need.
You don't need to use those painful, non user, friendly Air Mice on Android TV OS platforms unless you are using Legacy touchscreen Apps that require it. I think there is a way to turn the Shield's wireless games controller into an Air Mouse anyway.

The WeTek Play2 will give you Android / LibreELEC Kodi in an easy dual boot setup. BUT:
I Hope WeTek read this

- There are no Wireless controllers / remotes included or even officially available that interface properly with the Play2.
- The main Graphic User interface is now - far too complicated for its own good with even the Google Playstore, now buried so deep I cannot even find it !
- The WeTV App itself is not that user friendly at all and still buggy. I still cannot get an Auto 7 day EPG as I would see when using TvHeadend.
- WeTek have actually pulled out functionality from what was a decent Android hacker box by removing the FTP & Telnet servers with recent Firmware. They have not provided replacements. :-(

Honestly I think WeTek have actually gone backwards with Android on their hardware platforms lately so far as user friendliness is concerned. An official WeTek Wireless Air mouse remote seems way way overdue. (MINIX had this Wireless remote business sorted out years ago !)

The one redeeming feature is the ability to use LibreELEC Kodi on the Play2 which will be superior vs using Kodi on any (non HDR) Android platform. You can reflash WeTek's Android with an unofficial Android TV ROM (Lollipop) to make life easier - but it will still not be as good as the far more powerful nVIDIA Shield running the official Android TV OS on Android Nougat.

For me personally, Simple easy to use graphic user interfaces combined with responsive Wireless remote controls are the way forward in the year 2017. Make it too complicated and I'm no longer interested. I would say its why I like the no nonsense LibreELEC Kodi devices so much. There is nothing to get in the way of actually using Kodi - out of the box.
I do like the Android TV OS interface for mainstream very easy to use Android Apps only use as well. Voice search on these ATV OS devices is really nice. The Mi Box's Wireless remote for example I believe would be the best, easiest to use Voice remote on the market. It really is excellent.


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