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Firmware and


99% of AMLogic Android S912 devices comes with Unsupported Firmware

Sold by "Ship and Forget" sellers containing AMLogic test versions of Firmware that should never have seen the light of day.
Those AMLogic S912 - devices are rushed to market, with all sorts of Fancy promises and "WoW" Tech specs. All designed to fool unsuspecting Newbs into thinking they are buying a bargain basement Kodi device that will actually work properly.

That is why you see all these dirt cheap Android Kodi devices sold as 'Fully Loaded" - its all designed to hoodwink Newbs and disguise the shitty Firmware lurking underneath.

In that land of Broken promises lies many an Android dead carcass. DIY Android users then end up frequenting the Freaktab Website, trying to pick up the broken pieces or tossing the device away.

From a Kodi Hardware and Software support perspective we want nothing to do with such shitty Firmware devices.

The MINIX S912 U9-H is a Firmware Supported Android Kodi device. Ultimately that is what you are paying extra money for. Initially the quality of the Firmware and then ongoing after sales Firmware support.


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