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(2017-03-15, 20:55)zameer044 Wrote: Hi Buddy,

Need little bit you're help.

I have sony 1080p 43inch w95d is trilumnous display tv . watching on this tv will be very awesome.
But this tv is in my hometown,where no Internet net is available.
So thrice in a month i will travel from my work station to my home and handover my hard disk to my family,it will have all my downloaded movies (from torrent/YouTube)but now days in torrent I am seeing very good clarity with hevc 10 bit formated videos which vary size from (2 to 12gb) size.

But this is type of files (formats hevc and h265) files are unable to play in my tv..

I am looking for some future proof without any issues (my family is not educated) running android box,which can play all the latest format files and easy to operate.

Can u suggest any good android box.
So for me no priority of kodi,my aim is whatever the content i will download from torrent and some other sites it should play without any issues.

Can minix neo u1 will be good player or any other please suggest based upon my situation.

Sent from my SM-N9208 (typie typie)
And forget to mention mine is 3dtv.So I will play 3d files also.

Sent from my SM-N9208

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