START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Thanks for the detailed response, @feerlessleadr. I'd say it sounds like you're pretty much an expert at this point tbh.

If you were able to get the custom HTPCs running LibreELEC to work nearly as seamlessly as the shield, I may at least consider that, and try to set up a machine that will dual boot LibreELEC and windows (just googled it and found this guide, actually:

I've never screwed around with building my own rig or with Linux, but I can read and follow guides well enough that I may give it a shot. I assume the biggest hurdle will probably be figuring out hardware that will work properly together, play nicely with both Widows and Linux/LibreELEC, and will have the proper specs to push the proper resolutions/frame rates for the various apps/programs.

Just writing that is making my head spin a bit, because that does mean a huge amount of time researching and tinkering, but once things are setup, is it pretty much set and forget, or no?

I've always had this idea that I'd like to be able to hookup a desktop rig and use my 65" tv as a monitor, and then use the same rig to watch movies and tv.

Anyway, thanks again.

PS. Can anyone address the content desired section of my write-up? I'm a bit concerned about whether I'll be able to get the live stuff I mentioned.

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