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(2017-03-17, 00:14)kwest12 Wrote: Thanks for the detailed response, @feerlessleadr. I'd say it sounds like you're pretty much an expert at this point tbh.

If you were able to get the custom HTPCs running LibreELEC to work nearly as seamlessly as the shield, I may at least consider that, and try to set up a machine that will dual boot LibreELEC and windows (just googled it and found this guide, actually:

I've never screwed around with building my own rig or with Linux, but I can read and follow guides well enough that I may give it a shot. I assume the biggest hurdle will probably be figuring out hardware that will work properly together, play nicely with both Widows and Linux/LibreELEC, and will have the proper specs to push the proper resolutions/frame rates for the various apps/programs.

Just writing that is making my head spin a bit, because that does mean a huge amount of time researching and tinkering, but once things are setup, is it pretty much set and forget, or no?

I've always had this idea that I'd like to be able to hookup a desktop rig and use my 65" tv as a monitor, and then use the same rig to watch movies and tv.

Anyway, thanks again.

PS. Can anyone address the content desired section of my write-up? I'm a bit concerned about whether I'll be able to get the live stuff I mentioned.

Honestly, LibreELEC is an excellent option, and the only reason I've moved away from it is because I already had a Shield (purchased to replace my old atom box to play 1080p HEVC content), and had just purchased a new OLED 4k TV, so wanted to take advantage of that with kodi (and for the hardware I already had, only the Shield was capable with enough hardware/software decoding capabilities).

(2017-03-17, 01:53)jonascotch Wrote: [I'm not going to claim to be an expert (far from it), but I've owned the following devices to use for Kodi since 2007/2008 (in order):

- Custom built HTPC with Windows (high end specs for the time)
- Small off-the-shelf ITX computer with Windows (Intel Atom powered)
- 2 rooted FireTV's
- 1 rooted FireStick
- Custom built HTPC with LibreELEC (same computer as above, just ditched Windows for OpenELEC, then LibreELEC)
- Small off-the-shelf ITX computer with LibreELEC (same situation as above)
- Nvidia Shield

I was in a similar situation as you in regards to needing a high WAF, and the only boxes that my wife didn't constantly complain to me about (and subsequently I would need to tinker with) were the boxes with LibreELEC and the Shield. She now uses the Shield on a daily basis without any trouble, and in the rare event that something goes wrong, the interface is simple enough that she can reboot the box herself, and that 99% of the time fixes the problem.

My advice to you would be to stay away from Windows if you don't a) want to tinker and b) want a high WAF.

In regards to which LibreELEC box to get, I couldn't help you with that, but I can't recommend the Shield enough. Works great with my new 4k OLED TV, and have been using it since 2015 with almost 0 problems.

Hi, @feerlessleadr

Why you cannot recommend enough the Nvidia Shield?
I also want something simple to mount and enjoy. Nowadays I prefer to buy o good phone with proper support for firmware, rather having to install every time new custom roms with the permissive that a miracle will happen.
But, in my case I am interested in Android and libreelec dual boot. I also tried to find a NAS capable of installing libreelec or kodi, but had no success

See above, either shield or LibreELEC with the right hardware would be perfect. Again, I only went with the Shield since I already owned it, and wanted something to play 4k content, without having to buy new hardware for LibreELEC to properly hardware decode 4k HEVC content.

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