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(2017-03-17, 21:05)wrxtasy Wrote: Not sure why a Shield upgrade was actually required to Hardware decode 4K HEVC content when I've seen Gigabit LibreELEC S905's, with a decent Kodi Video cache, running from eMMC - handle 200Mbps 4K HEVC clips. Virtually double UHD Bluray Bitrates. I suspect 4K HDR had something to do with it.

The easiest Dual Boot Android / LibreELEC devices are the WeTek S905's. You simply hold down the remote power button at Power On / Reboot to flip flop between Android / LibreELEC. Pre release - Android Marshmallow Firmware on the Hub is looking pretty nice now too.

One other thing. Official LibreELEC supported devices the ODROID C2, the WeTek's, RPi's, iMX6 and Intel get Autoupdates downloaded and installed when a user wants them too. It really is very easy to update then. Point and click.

@zameer044, Half Resolution 3D only on AMLogic devices. Proper Full Res. 1080p 3D supported devices listed in Post #1. U1 will do DTS & HD Audio in both Android and LE. Dirt cheap AML S905's - DTS & HD audio when using LE only.

Again, just to be clear, the libreelec box I already owned was not capable of hardware decoding 4k hevc (hdr or no), and since I already owned the shield, there was no reason to buy an s905 device that could do something my shield already did.

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