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I'm not the 3D Hardware expert - @hdmkv is.

You really are better off asking over in the 3D Sticky thread

But these are my observations:

- Zidoo X9S looks like its getting better Firmware Support. It supports both 3D ISO's and 3D MVC. (The Q5/10 is missing one of these I believe) And the X9S now also supports full Bluray Menu's as well.
The X9S has no 3D 24p microstutter playback problems like the Q5/10 has always had. This has never been fixed by HiMedia apparently.

- Both the X9S and Q10 don't actually use Kodi to playback content but only use it as as a graphic front end to call on an external video player. The Zidoo X9S does this more seamlessly apparently than the Q5/10 - however using this method looks like it can lead to issues such as Subtitle support and problems with Video Resume playback points.

This is why the much preferred option is to use devices that natively full support 3D Kodi without using this quasi dual Kodi - external player setup. 3D compatible Intel Machines do this. And the RPi's.

- Both X9S and Q5 run a touchscreen Android OS's - an extra Air Mouse will need to be purchased to use regular (non Kodi) touchscreen Android Apps properly. You do not get the very easy to use Android TV OS interface on either device. No 720/1080/4K Netflix, HBO, Amazon etc either.

- 99% of Android Boxes do not support 1080p > 2160p Auto resolution switching like you get with LibreELEC. Upscaling video quality can be a problem.

Personally I'm not a fan of 3D on a small TV screen - home projectors only for the full 3D immersion effect.

The nVIDIA Shield is a better Android Kodi media player if you do not need 3D.

IMHO - Too many sacrifices are made with day to day usability and Android DRM Apps support just to be able to playback 1080p 3D video with various Android 3D media players. It really depends on where individual users priorities lie.


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