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(2017-03-22, 03:48)wrxtasy Wrote: I'm about to do a Xiaomi Mi Box vs MINIX NEO U9-H vs WeTek Hub comparison as all are now running versions of Android Marshmallow Firmware.

Good news, do you have a rough idea when you can post this?

It's just the question if I will wait for your comparison, before I place my next order ;-)

Currently I own a Zidoo X8 and my Minix U9-H should arrive end of this week.
The idea is to send them back, within the 30-day return policy from Amazon, if I found some major issues

With the Zidoo I'm not happy with the 23,97 handling (some micro stuttering).
The Minix forum mentioned that there are also issues with the U9, therefore I'm still investigating the market and Wetek seems to be a valid alternative (beside the shield, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to invest so much money for a mediaplayer, without the need for gaming)...

My focus is quite simple:

Must have:
Prio 1.) perfect PQ as possible with auto refresh switching (no micro stuttering, etc.)
Prio 2.) Full DTS-HD Master and DD TrueHD support (pass-through)

nice to have, but no must have:
*) Amazone Prime HD with 5.1/7.1 sound
*) Based on Android (for some nice Apps)

No issue at all:
4K and HDR -> My projector is just HD
Atmos and DTS:X, I have a 7.1 setup, without Atmos,etc.

PS: I'm using a RasPi 2 with LibreElec (switched from OpenElec) for a long time -> I'm happy, but no DTS-HD support ;-(

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