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(2017-04-11, 22:25)dansavoie Wrote: I only run Kodi, SiriusXM and I haven't used Netflix on Android because I found it too difficult to use (I have a Roku that I use for Netflix, but I am open to suggestions.

We made the mistake of thinking a Wetek Play 2 would allow us to stop using our Roku, after months of frustration we hooked the Roku back up. The Wetek Play 2 is OK running LibreElec. However, for us, the WeOS is nothing but frustration. Our day to day "go to" player is still an old Chromebox running LibreElec. It is a reliable and as easy to use as our Roku and is far better for local content. I am sure there are others that enjoy working on their players every day but we prefer having something that works all the time. Much like the Roku or Tivo , a good LibreElec box is nice and easy to use. Whatever you decide to buy, I suggest you hold on to your Roku, you may still need it.

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